What is a Segway?


One cold December in 2001 Bryant Park, Manhattan played host to the public launch of the Segway Personal Transporter.

The sepctators were treated to the strange sight of a two-wheeled vehicle which stood up on its two wheels without external support and although it had a handle to hold, it wasn’t used to steer.

Dean Karmen the inventor had demonstrated the power of microprosessors and gyroscopic sensors over gravity.


Karmen’s journey had started with the development of new wheelchair technology which was developed in conjunction with BAE Systems and Sumitomo Precision Products at the University of Plymouth.

This product was called the iBot and could climb stairs, the latter version was known as Ginger.

The Segway of today is a totally different device, but uses the same technology.


Balancing on two wheels and bristling with sensors and gyroscopes it allows the rider to move and steer it simply by shifting their weight as they stand on it.

Fitted with high-spec electric motors and batteries based on lithium ion technology the Segway i2 can reach speeds of 12mph and run for up to two hours.

The Segway x2 (the model we use) is specifically designed to be used off road in a range of environments and gives an excellent ride with great stability.

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