Segway Safety

The Segway X2 encompasses amazing technology with stylish and tough design as it effortlessly glides over the rough terrain. However there are risks involved in taking part in the Segway experience.


Precautions Informed Participation

Given the type of activity Segway participants should not look at it as a ride or theme park type experience, it is an activity inline with rock climbing, mountain biking or abseiling.

Consequently all participants wishing to take part in the activity must assess the risks involved. At Cheshire Segway we help you to do this via a registration process where you the participant can read our documentation and inform yourself.



The principle of Competence applies both to equipment and to personnel, and requires they are of sufficient quality to competently perform the job demanded.

The principle of Competence requires that safety related equipment satisfies the minimum standards which ensure its capability both for normal use and for all anticipated extreme conditions of use.

In addition all safety-related tasks and responsibilities are assigned only to persons recognised to have the necessary knowledge and abilities to perform them.



Weight / Height Restrictions
Riders will not be allowed to ride a Segway if:-

  • Minimum age of 10 years old and 7 stone in weight
  • Their weight exceeds 117kg (18 ½ stone)
  • Their weight is under 45kg (7.1 stone)